Where are you located?
We are located at De Wildt Complex, Potion 36, Krelylings Post, South Africa.

What area do you cover?
We cover the whole of South Africa.

Can I add an already deceased person?
No, you cannot add an already deceased person. However, if you join and keep your installments up to date for five years, we will give you a free Tombstone from our Special Offer Catalogue to utilize for people who have already passed away prior to joining.

Up to what age do you cover?
We cover up to the age of 94 on standard plans and 85 on traditional plans (Groups).

What are your terms and conditions?
Please click on the following link to view our terms and conditions:

What happens if the main member dies on Single Parent Cover?
If the main member dies, the remaining children will still be covered without payment until the age of 17 years old after which their benefits will discontinue.

What is your waiting period?
Our waiting period is 6 months, unless in the case of accidental death, in which case you are covered immediately.

Is there a joining fee?
No, there is no joining fee.

How do I claim?
To make a claim, please email:

How do I cancel my policy?
To cancel your policy, please email or
Do you have any guarantee on your tombstones?
No, all tombstones are installed on Lintels and secured with epoxy. However, if you add a tiled foundation at an additional cost of R 11 000.00, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee not to sink or fall over.

How long after my claim is the tombstone installed?

The tombstone is usually installed 3-4 months after your claim is approved.

If I claim, may I add a new member afterwards?
Yes, you may add a new member afterwards. They will have a 6-month waiting period for natural causes and after the following premium is paid accidental cover.

Will my premiums increase on a yearly basis?
No, your premiums will not increase on a yearly basis. However, if an increase does occur due to economic circumstances, ample notice of 3 months will be given. Should the premium increase, the value of the cover per plan will increase with the same percentage.

Is there a cash payout?
If no tombstone is selected, the maximum value in cash payable/claimed is R10000.00, irrespective of the plan chosen.

Up to how many members can I add to the policy?
You may add a main member plus an additional 9 members to one policy. If you need to cover more people, you may take out numerous policies.

Do I need a medical record?
No, you do not need a medical record. However, it may be required for stillborn babies.

May I add extended members?
Yes, you may add extended members at an additional cost as per the pricing guide.

How do I join?
To join, please visit our paperless joining procedure at