1. Where are you located?

De Wildt Complex
Potion 36
Krelylings Post-

2. What area do you cover?

Nationwide – South Africa only

3. What is the transport cost?

R 8.00 per kilometer there and back, however if the location is further than stated on the quote or an incorrect Location is given, we will charge R 12 00 per kilometer. Prices are excluding VAT. No installation will commence before we have received the outstanding balance in the case of an incorrect Location given.

4. Do you make Custom Designed Tombstones?

Yes we do, we strongly suggest you arrange an appointment and come to our Office to ensure we Design the Tombstone exactly as per your request. 

5. What are your terms and conditions?

Click on link - TERMS & CONDITIONS

6. What is your turn around time ?

Read the Terms and Conditions, normally 6 -8 weeks, depending on size of Tombstone, could be faster. Load shedding does also have an effect on delivery times and is beyond our control.

7. What are your payment options?

We have two options available:

  • Cash Payment
  • Lay buy Payment, 30% deposit and balance is payable within 6 month.
8. What types of Granite is available?

  • Rustenburg Black
  • Zimbabwean Black
  • Monumental Rose
  • African Ivory
  • Cape Red
  • African Red if Available
  • White Marble
9. How do you install if no foundation is taken?

All Tombstones are installed on Lintels as per the standard norm in the industry.

10. Do you have any guarantee on your tombstones?

No, all Tombstones are installed on Lintels and secured with epoxy -Unless you add a tiled foundation @ an addition cost then it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee not to sink or fall over T & C Apply.

11 What picture options are available?

  • We have engraved pictures done by an Artist A4 or Larger.
  • We also have Glass pictures available in 6mm or 12mm
12. What does the installation, and messages cost?

Installation and messages are included in the price of the Tombstone.

13. Are Pots included in the price?

No Pots, and any accessories are optional extra and will be charged accordingly.

14. Do you have other Branches?

Unfortunately not. We have one main branch in Ga Rankuwa. However we install Nationwide.

15. Do you accept cash at your Office?

No we do not. We strictly advise our clients to pay via EFT for everyone’s safety and record purposes