General terms and conditions – Khutsane Tombstones (Pty) Ltd

Dear Khutsane Tombstone customer,

We at Khutsane Tombstone understand that purchasing a tombstone is an investment towards the memory of your loved ones.

Please take note of the following as to ensure that your purchase at Khutsane Tombstone is a memorable and trouble free experience.

1. Please read all documentation carefully and do not hesitate to ask the sales person if you don’t understand something.

2. Ensure that all information given to Khutsane Tombstone is accurate and correct. Khutsane Tombstone will not be liable for any costs as a result of incorrect or wrong information given, whether intentional or unintentional, and the customer will not be entitled to any compensation or refund as a result of incorrect or wrong information.

3. On the date of installation:

I. Please ensure that we are able to reach you on the contact numbers you provided as to ensure that proper communication between yourself and Khutsane Tombstone personnel can take place in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that might cause the installation to be delayed, or to assist us assist us in the event of the installation team trying to find the place of installation.
II. Please note that should we be unable to reach you, or you are unavailable to meet the installation team on the date scheduled and the tombstone cannot be installed, Khutsane Tombstone will not be responsible for any costs incurred, you also not be entitled to a refund however, Khutsane Tombstone will re-schedule your installation to the soonest opening on the installation schedule, such costs will be for the customer’s account.
III. Although every effort will be made to erect stones on dates indicated we cannot guarantee the erection date. Therefore erection dates should be seen as an indicative date and not as a confirmed date. 
IV. The customer is responsible for cleaning the grave (old foundations and rocks, but this does not apply in municipal Cemeteries only villages and private graves), if the grave is not cleaned on the day of installation the client will be charged one Thousand rand (R1 000.00) for us to do it.
V. Should the installation not be able to take place as scheduled due to any unforeseen circumstances like rainy weather, accidents, vehicle breakdowns or manufacturing defects you will not be entitled to a refund, however, Khutsane Tombstone will re-schedule your installation for a later date, the customer exempts Khutsane Tombstone from any civil or legal liability in such an event.

4. Should you decide to cancel a lay buy purchase, you will only be entitled to a refund of 80% of the amount paid during the first month of the lay-buy due to Administration and Bank fee’s, and 30% of the amount paid after the first month due to the fact that the manufacturing process of your tombstone had already started.

5. NO refunds will be given for tombstones already completed! 

6. Please ensure that the lettering and colour of your tombstone is correct. Incorrect information will result in additional costs to rectify. Such costs will be for the customer’s account if incorrect information was given on the order form.
7. Should you decide to transport and install your tombstone yourself, you agree to take full responsibility for the stone and agree that Khutsane Tombstone will not be held responsible for any damages or loss whatever the cause might be once it leaves our Factory.

8. Be sure that you were given the contact details of Khutsane Tombstone to enable you to contact us with any queries or further requests, also to enable us to provide you with personal, professional after sales service.

9. All products supplied remain the property of Khutsane Tombstone until paid in full.

10. Lay-buy not paid up in full after the agreed period of 12 Months will be cancelled, 
should you still want to continue due to unforeseen circumstances then you have to apply for extension in writing before the expiry date. In such a case you will pay in any difference in price increases provided your extension is approved by KhutsaneTombstones.

11. If a Tombstones has to be stored after manufacturing, no storage fee will be charged for a maximum period of six months after which the stone will be destroyed or recycled to defray any costs and no refund will given.

12. Six to Eight weeks must be allowed for delivery and installation after full payment has been received. We can’t be held liable for delays due to strikes, rain and any other reasonable delays. No tombstone will be erected under any circumstance in rainy weather.

12.1 Special Conditions of this Quotation - delivery date Guaranteed: Before or on ______/______/_________ no cooling off period allowed omit item 13 & 14

13. A Cooling off period of 7(Seven) days is allowed.

14. If you decide to cancel your order within 7 days you will be Liable for Admin Fee R550.00 and a Cancellation Fee of 20% of the full invoice amount.

15. There will be NO Cash refund after the 7 day cooling off period.

16. The Client acknowledges that Khutsane may put their Company Name and Contact details on every tombstone.

17. Transport of R20.00 per kilometre will be charged on the clients account if the erection place is further than specified on this Quote and paid for before installation will commence.

18. Obtaining a Permit is the clients own responsibility and for the client’s own account. Permits need to be faxed or mailed to Khutsane Tombstones. Permission to enter and install must be obtained by the client.

19. Granite and Marble are natural products and no uniformity in pattern and colour can be guaranteed.

20. Please arrange the unveiling of a stone after the Tombstone has been erected.

21. No work on any Tombstones will start unless we have received at least 70% of the value of the Quotation. 100% on Custom Orders not found in our Catalogues.

22. Clients that pay the full amount upfront will get preference above people still owing an outstanding amount.

22. All Tiles are purchased from CTM, no colour can be guaranteed due to stock availability. Should you require a specific colour and we can’t get it from CTM you will be liable for any additional cost involved to secure such the colour of your choice. We trust that you understand the General information, Terms and Conditions above and that you have read all documentation pertaining to your purchase before signing.

Customer Declaration:

I the under signed understand and accept the content of this document and agree that I am the responsible person for this order and acknowledge the correctness of all information supplied.